№1149 Head of Department


2004-2006: MBA

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur [India]

Masters in Business Administration with dual specialization in finance & marketing management.

Final Year Thesis Project- Structure of oligopolistic market: Analysis and Implementation of  the fundamental principles of economics and marketing that were applied in and around the market surrounding Durgapur in India.


1999-2003: B.E

B.C.Y.R.C affiliated to Nagpur University;

Bachelor in Electronics Engineering.

Courses and trainings:-


02. 2004 - 02. 2006: 2 years Certificate Course in Corporate Finance

IIT [Indian Institute of technology];

09.2005: Certificate in Basic Computing;

Institute of Technical Educational, Steel Authority of India Limited


Work Experience:

09.2008-01.2014: Branch Credit Head (Head of Department of Credit Policies and Credit risks)

Company "Family Credit Ltd." (Part of financial company “Societe General Consumer Finance”( Special Financial Services) Company has got 53 offices in 16 states in India and more than 1400 dealer outlets the number of employees of the company is more than 2500 people around India. Starting its operation in 2006, Family Credit Ltd. has become one of the largest Non Banking Financial Institutions in India and plays an important role among the existing consumer lending business players in India, giving the industry its present form) India, West Bengal, Kolkata

Key responsibilities:-

  • Work with different financial products: Car and 2 wheeler loans, Personal loans, Consumer Durables, House building, loyalty programs.
  • Working with major International Companies like Honda, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Novartis and Tata Motors
  • Management of a group [7 Credit Officers, 2 Sales Team Leaders & 15 Direct Sales Representatives] for Credit Analysis and Decision of proposals.
  • Managing Business Activities in 3 different cities – Kolkata, Burdwan & Durgapur;
  • Development & structuring of 3 new financial products aimed at minimizing Credit Risk & increasing business volume;
  • Coordination and resolutions of all issues after Credit decision on loan applications, like preparation of documents, compliance and the likes.
  • Introduction of basic processes and systems in the field of Credit assessment and supporting Customer Relationship Banker to achieve business goals.
  • Responsible for conducting audit and compliance with the requirements of loan portfolio.
  • Responsible for liaising with external and internal auditors and inspectors.
  • Organization of training, instruction and a through assessment of the performance of the Credit groups on a regular weekly, monthly basis.
  • Regular training reports based on processing and management information reports for vertical management.
  • Working with Online financial software package “Finacle” for underwriting.
  • Dealing with collection agencies


Major Achievements:-

  • Increased Branch turnover to more than 25% since taking over responsibility;
  • Reduced arrears by more than 2.5%  across various products;
  • Conducted detailed Market Analysis for assisting the launching of 3 new Financial products;
  • Increasing business volume in order to achieve goals
  • Increased staff involvement in the activities of the company
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Formulation of communication strategy and promote its implementation.
  • Developing plan for brand promotion and support
  • Optimization of management of service providers
  • Creation of a management information system for accurate and timely issuance of loan and to facilitate analysis within the department;
  • Maximization of work performance
  • Minimization of  expenses ( for data studying)



08.2006-08. 2009: Head of Loan Department

ICICI Bank (Indian multinational bank and headquartered in Mumbai, India and was formed in 1955 through a joint venture of World Bank and  India's public-sector banks and public-sector insurance companies to provide project financing to Indian industry. It is the second largest bank in India by assets and by market capitalization. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. The Bank has a network of 3,539 branches and 11,162 ATM's in India, and has a presence in 19 countries. ICICI Bank is one of the Big Four banks of India, the others are the State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda. The bank has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Russia, and Canada;) India, West Bengal, Kolkata


  • Working in  ICICI Bank ( The bank has  transformed its business from a development financial institution offering only project finance to a diversified financial services group, offering a wide variety of products and services, both directly and through a number of subsidiaries and affiliates like ICICI Bank. In 1999, ICICI become the first Indian company and the first bank or financial institution from non-Japan Asia to be listed on the NYSE. In 2000, ICICI Bank became the first Indian bank to list on the New York Stock Exchange with its five million American depository shares issue generating a demand book 13 times the offer size. As of 2012, it has an asset base of US$99 Billion and total employee base of 81,254 people)
  • Good experience in managing people ( 3 telemarketing sales managers and 7 sales representatives)
  • Dealing with credit agencies in order to check credit applications, implementing processes and systems, education and control of CPA team ( credit processing agency and branch credit department) to implement Credit assessment within a specified  time period, managing risk;
  • Strict control of credit information database in order to prevent back logs
  • Analysis and understand the financial condition of the applicant through personal interviews and the decision on the possible amount of the sanction amount;
  • Checking and tracing fraud in various documents provided with the formal loan application comparing them with the originals brought during the meeting.
  • Getting approval for various Credit businesses from superiors.
  • Filing and sending requisition through email for sending various forms
  • Transfer decisions on the allocation of Credit to appropriate departments and Credit Sales.
  • Personal interaction with the investigating authorities in various cases of investigation without delay in the event of any deviation;
  • Personal affairs investigation, if and whenever necessary
  • Recommendation on specific cases concerning the proposed sanction amount within the financial limits
  • Working with bad debt to facilitate a favorable settlement beneficial to the organization;



Major Achievements:-

  • Successfully Managed team towards excellent performance
  • Increased business to achieve monthly, quarterly and yearly target
  • Maximized compliance of data entry quality and documentation
  • Maximized compliance of deviation recording and forwarding to appropriate authority
  • Maximization of Credit Processing productivity
  • Ensure compliance to monthly meeting requirements ( Credit, sales, collections)
  • Reducing delinquency to minimum possible level.
  • Minimized Cost of Risk [Net cost of risk as a % of average assets (product-wise equal distribution]
  • Taken initiative for  up gradation of credit processing skills and fraud detection awareness for the processing team through appropriate training initiatives
  • Monitoring vendors and effectively improved service quality


06.2005 – 08.2005: Head (Internship completed as part of MBA Program)

Company HCL Infotech (India, West Bengal, Kolkata)


Key Responsibilities:-

  • Successful participation in a real project in one of the leading Indian Hardware Company, which (the project) dealt with volume and actuality estimation of Information Technologies in government companies based in eastern region of India.
  • Also it dealt with estimation of potential volume of business and formulation of marketing strategy together with financial methods.
  • Hcl Company’s goal was to increase its market positions.
  • Developing relations with senior officials of public sector undertaking (PSU).
  • Organization and management of special projects.
  • Researching the markets, optimization of ways to explore search of new methods and organizations.
  • Establishing and developing professional l relations with market research organizations.
  • Management of syndicate (????) Researches
  • Control and responsibility for research timeframes.
  • Checking of validity, logic and safety of analysis, forecasts of  primary researching
  • Control and responsibility for the project (quality and timeframes)
  • Responsibility for information analysis: preparation of reports with comments.
  • Report of research results, conclusions and recommendations to the consumers.
  • Consultation for using results of special and syndicated researches, reality of analysis, reviews and sources of available on the market data
  • Organization of meetings
  • Participation in planning the actions accordingly to the results of the researches.
  • Successfully implemented in life new technology into Public Sector Undertaking - this led to its installation
  • Markets analysis and proposal of necessary resources for massive growth of the company.
  • Was awarded with a certificate from HCL InfoTech Company


06. 2003 - 09. 2004 Employee in marketing / Market Development department

Company 'Boris import and export'; (It’s an Export-import company, which founded by a Russian citizen. Its task is to import and selling industrial equipments to large government companies such as SAIL.), India, West Bengal, Durgapur.



-          Successfully worked as an employee in the Marketing department of the company , done industrial marketing of heavy machinery equipments at the public sector enterprises based in the eastern region of India;

-          Manage sales channel ;

-          Establishing relationships;

-          Industrial Marketing ;

-          Making presentations and participation in seminars , trade fairs ;

-          Participation in a deal for $2 million for a term of 3 years;

-          Increased sales and constant achievement of goals throughout the running time.

-          Comfortable in holding high level meetings to convince decision makers on company’s products and settling deals.


Key Skills:

-          Highly skilled Manager with over 8 years of experience ;

-          A unique combination of MBA ( National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, MBA degree with dual specialization, majoring in financial management and additional specialization in Marketing Management), higher technical education (Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering (with special emphasis on IT), Nagpur University( from the College BCYRC, affiliated to the said University)) and more than 8 years of experience in the banking and Industrial Marketing sector ;

-          Extensive experience in banking and financial services (Financial services);

-          Experience of credit approval (up to 100 thousand USD / proposal);

-          Experience in budget management (100 thousand USD / month) ;

-          Experience in joint Russian-Indian projects;

-          Experience with Indian government agencies ;

-          Experienced in the Russian import & marketing of industrial equipments in India ;

-          Experience with Russian managers;

-          Experience in working for international teams (Russian, French citizens etc. )

-          Knowledge of professional terminology in English (Marketing, Engineering, IT, Finance).

-          Experience in the organization and participation in exhibitions, trade fairs;

-          Access to key customers, participated in the opening of new businesses, launching and formulating print & electronic media advertising campaigns;

-          Experience in preparation of plans according to market research strategy and operational objectives, budget planning and budget management ;

-          Analysis of Market Data, preparation of regular and special reports and providing technical suggestion depending upon them;

Additional Information:-

-          English- Fluent, native.                                                                                          Certificate of proficiency in Business English: Certificate of proficiency in Business English( Level 1), Certificate of proficiency in business English ( Level 2),               Cambridge University, in collaboration with the British Council (Exam, 2006 ) (Business English).

-          Russian language - reading professional literature (rapidly improving Russian language. Studying under the able guidance of an experienced private tutor. Married to Russian. )

-          Hindi - fluent, native;

-          Bengali language - fluent, native;

-          German - basic level;                                                                                             Graduated with Basic German language skills certificate from the Goethe Institute, Calcutta;

PC - An experienced user (MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point). Having extensive knowledge and experience in the use of software applications based on Windows.

High levels of literacy in information management, communication technology and design (including adaptation) including desktop computers, word processing, web sites, social networking platforms and CAD packages.


SPSS (SPSS - a company "Statistical Product and Service Solutions" (was acquired by IBM in 2009) Is used by market researchers , health issues researchers, survey companies, government and education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners etc. Initial reference SPSS (Nie, Bent & Hull, 1970) described as "one of the most influential books on sociology," because it allows researchers to perform simple statistical analysis of its own. I used it mainly for digital forecasting results).


Language "C"(It is a general purpose programming language. Language "C" has the provision for structured programming and allows lexical variable scope and recursion, while a static type system prevents many unintended operations. Its structure provides constructs that efficiently map the typical machine instructions and therefore it has been applied for a long time in applications that previously were coded in assembly language. "C" is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​of all times, and its compilers can be applied to most existing computer architecture and operating systems ) .

Lotus 123


Finacle is a core banking software package developed by Infosys, designed to address retail banking, wealth management, CRM, Islamic banking and treasury requirements of retail, corporate and universal banks. Finacle is used in 168 banks across 81 countries. The Finacle system allows banks to provide a number of products and services to its clients and operate internal process. These includes Core Banking, Operational Data Store, Mobile Bank-in-a-Box, Core Banking for Regional Rural Banks and Payments

Personal qualities : leadership , professionalism, honesty, responsibility , hard work , focus on results , attention to detail , team player , analytical skills, Sociability.

Demonstrated innovative thinking, high productivity that includes attention to details and new methods of recruitment. Ability to take initiative. Implementation of marketing strategies and sales tactics that have made ​​a significant contribution to sustainable business growth. Highly developed interpersonal skills, ability to negotiate, presentation and communication. Strong organizational skills, including demonstrated experience in managing events. Proven ability to effectively formulate and then to implement the developed strategies.

Free to travel - up to 50 % of the time. Available for frequent business trips, both within the country and overseas.

Hobbies: Tennis, reading Business Literature, painting (degree in fine arts, in June 1993 received a Certificate average level in the visual arts from the University of Allahabad), Music (Bachelor's degree in music, University of Prayag, in June 1999 received a Bachelor of music after 9 years of successful music lessons at the University of Chandigarh), Climbing and trekking high altitude terrain.