#1192 Key Account Manager / Project Manager

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#1192 Key Account Manager / Project Manager


Challenging position of Key Account Manager / Project Manager in a major financial institution allowing to utilize relevant experience.


  • More than 16 years of vast and varied experience in major financial organizations and banks
  • Practical experience in handling corporate clients, deals organization and interaction within the organization
  • Ability to effectively manage teams (up to 15 client managers), coaching and coordination skills
  • Analytical mindset combined with solid communication and writing skills
  • Hands-on experience of preparing and organizing training programs on communication and performance
  • Ability to maintain and retail corporate client relationships as well as with European HQ and business partners
  • Time management and multi-tasking skills, ability to build rapport with clients, empathy, listening skills
  • Professional stability, integrity, result-oriented
  • Ability to effectively work in teams and individually and make things happen


2013 – present

OTP Bank (Russia), Chief Expert

Money Market department. Financial markets operations. Treasury Support Centre

  • § Preparing and realizing operations in the Repositary:

ü  Agreeing upon the Master Agreements and Addendums on repository operations with partners, including non-residents;

ü  Putting together the Reporting Forms for PO “Luch” (Master Agreements, contracts, quarterly reports and amendments) and forwarded as appropriate to National Settlements Depositary (NSD);

ü  Interaction with business partners and NSD’s managers, settling non-standard issues;

ü  Setting tasks to IT experts and controlling execution;

ü  Working out the internal Policies and procedures on Bank’s repository operations and instructions for PO “Luch”;

  • § Taking up new project of deposits to corporations:

ü  Preparing and agreeing upon internal Policies and procedures on deposits to corporations without the Bank current account;

ü  Interacting with the selling Bank’s division and accepting deposit documents from the clients,

ü  Interacting with clients, business correspondence;

ü  Analysis of the full package of registration documents for opening the deposit accounts including assignment accounts, document update;

ü  Deposit payment and cash inflow control, providing bank statements to clients.


2011 – 2012

Credit Europe Bank Ltd., Chief Expert

Department of Financial operations and security deals. Depositary

  • § Depositary account of Bank’s own and client security operations;
  • § Handling requests through electronic document flow, receiving and handling statements and reports;
  • § Revision of the security balances with the Depositaries;
  • § Accepting new securities for the depositary services, updating information on clients and issuers;
  • § Handling various issues, business correspondence with clients and Depositaries;
  • § Depositary analysis in Diasoft, making sure they are in alignment with the Bank of Russia and the Federal service for financial markets (FSFM) regulations;
  • § Setting tasks to IT experts, execution control.


2010 – 2011

Limited Liability Company «Specialized Depository Company «Garant», Expert

Department of handling registers of the investment shareholders of the Pension Investment Fund

  • § Opening the current accounts to the shareholders, updating the client info;
  • § Calculation of the number of shares bought by the investors in accordance with rules and regulations;
  • § Making notes on the current accounts of the owners in to the Open-end and Closed Pension Investment Funds;
  • § Making a list of participants with the right to receive income of the Fund’s investment shares, to take part in the General shareholder meeting and the receive the financial compensation  in case of Fund liquidation.



Alemar Investment Financial Corporation, Chief Expert

Department of investment products. Corporate client division

  • § Full scope of corporate client work including VIPs;
  • § Preparing asset management agreements and other documentation;
  • § Monitoring and control of the financial and information flows;
  • § Forming the legal clients packs, analyzing the presented documents; handling client databases.



2007 – 2010

«NOMOS-BANK» (Open Joint-Stock Company), Chief Expert

Department of deal handling. Corporate client division


  • § Full scope of dealing with corporate clients;
  • § Providing consulting services on the full spectrum of banking products (cross sales);
  • § Handling corporate clients deals, providing full support, reporting; business correspondence;
  • § Acting as Personal Manager responsible for handling all client issues;
  • § Ensuring interaction between various Bank’s departments for providing customized banking products;
  • § Preparing the deal from the timely document preparation to ensuring the special conditions as decided by the Credit committee;
  • § Collection and analysis of the full document package for the opening of the bank accounts (incl. non-residents).



Closed Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank Russian International Bank, Chief Expert

Department of promissory notes and deposit operations. Division of client relations

  • § Business negotiations with clients, providing consultations on bank products;
  • § Deposit market monitoring, analysis of the deposit client portfolio;
  • § Handling promissory notes and deposit operations, legal client packs;
  • § Preparing and agreeing upon the internal Bank’s policies and procedures on the promissory notes operations.


2003 – 2006

«NOMOS-BANK» (Closed Joint-Stock Company), Expert

Depositor department. Division of financial operations

  • § Interacting with Depositary clients (incl. consulting, checking up the requests);
  • § Handling and controlling promissory notes operations;
  • § Ensuring interaction with the Bank’s departments on promissory notes deals (incl. Treasury, back-office, credit department, security service: totaling up to 20 employees);
  • § Monitoring and control of the information flows, personnel coordination;
  • § Handling depositary accounting on promissory notes, shares, obligations, inter-bank credits: placing accounting entries into Diasoft system, preparing the cash documents on receiving the promissory notes.


1991 – 1995

Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics

Faculty Finance and Credit, diploma of Economist

1998 - 1999

Institute of preparing the senior executives by Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics

Majoring in Management in the Organization



Institute of Stock Market and Management

Qualifying FSFM certificate series 4.0 on Depositary procedures



Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer Agents and Depositories (PARTAD)

Qualifying FSFM certificate series 6.0 for CEOs and professionals of Specialized Depositaries of mutual investment funds, and non-government pension funds



Languages: English – intermediate, Russian - native

Advanced PC user: MS Office, Lotus Notes, Diasoft , Aladdin, Sema Navigator, СRM Logic, CorFinans, Siebel, Quorum (ACCL, PayDoc), CFT, SWIFT, PO «Luch», Consultant Plus, Internet.


Date of Birth: April 2, 1974

Nationality: Russian

Residence: Moscow

Marital status: divorced, no children


Ready for business trips and international relocation

References are available upon request