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№1105 Lawyer

Moscow State Law Academy (MSLA 2011) (MGUA) Lawyer: Civil Legal Specialization.

Moscow State Law Academy (MSLA 2016) (MGUA) Post graduate student, the Department of business law, theme of dissertation (thesis): The legal regulation of the use of the trademark by the businessmen (the subjects of entrepreneurial activity).
Additional education:
Courses of foreign languages at the Ministry of foreign affairs of Russian Federation – (Spanish) - 2005 (600 hours);

Courses of foreign languages  at the Ministry of economic development of Russian Federation – (English) - 2014 (800 hours) - third course.

09.2012 – present – Post  graduate student in Moscow State Law Academy

10.2010 – 11.2011 –  Lawyer - Co Ltd «TD Spetskomplektresurs» (Part-time employment)

06.2009 – 10.2010  –  Lawyer - Co Ltd «TD Spetskomplektresurs»
Negotiate (participate in the negotiations) with the partners of the company; make claim work  and handle all stages of litigation in competent courts, arbitrations, conducting enforcement proceedings; draft and provide legal expertise in  contracts (sale, delivery, lease, assignment, agency, asset management, contracts for services, license agreement (intellectual property), etc.); powers of attorney and other legal documents; letters, requests for government authorities, partners;  oral and written consultations;  registration and re-registration of legal entities: draft documents for establishing  of  legal entities; make  amendments to these legal documents; draft decisions and protocols of legal entities;
10.2007 - 06.2009 – junior lawyer – Closed joint-stock company «Holding Spetskomplektresurs»
Make claim work  and conducting enforcement proceedings; draft contracts (supply, hire, contract services, etc.); powers of attorney; decisions and protocols of legal entities;

delivering oral or written advice on civil, labor law;
Skills: Excellent knowledge and large experience of civil (including corporate law, intellectual property rights), labor law;

confident PC user, the legal system: Consultant + , Garant;  Microsoft Office.
Languages: Spanish - a good level, English – Upper Intermediate.
Additional information:

I was awarded by the company according to the working results of 2009. I am the author of 4 articles devoted to the problems of civil law and intellectual property law. I took part in scientific conferences: 2007 (MSLA), 2009 (MSLA), 2011(MIEM), 2011(MGU), 2012 (MGU).

"Защита гражданских прав как институт и как научная проблема" // сборник статей и тезисов научно-практической конференции "Защита прав и законных интересов личности в РФ" 14 апреля 2007. Издано в 2008 г.

"Закрепить баланс интересов" // "ЭЖ-Юрист" № 24 июнь 2012.

"Товарный знак как ширма" // "ЭЖ-Юрист" № 39 октябрь 2012;

"О случаях прекращения правовой охраны товарного знака" // журнал "Юрист" № 2/2013.


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